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In management, a science of action, can the creation of knowledge
also come from practitioners or is it exclusively reserved to academics?

In the book ”La création de connaissance par les managers” [The creation of knowledge by managers], published under the editorial direction of Paul Beaulieu and Michel Kalika, a team reflects on the capacity of managers to create managerial knowledge.

September 2015Business Science Institute, an international institution of higher education whose objective is to develop an Executive DBA (Doctorate in Business Administration) at an international level, is launching a collection with the publishing house Editions Management & Société (EMS) that targets managers and doctoral students. This collection, which is based on the production of knowledge by managers, proposes publications by professors as well as doctoral theses written by the managers-candidates in the Business Science Institute. Following Isabelle Walsh’s contribution “Découvrir de nouvelles théories : une approche mixte et enracinée dans les données” [Discovering new theories: a hybrid approach rooted in data] (July 2015) in the same collection, the authors aim to demonstrate that the creation of knowledge, generally speaking, cannot only emerge from an academic environment. Managers, confronted on a daily basis with new and complex situations requiring decisions, really contribute to the production of knowledge.

This book, enriched by the diversity of the views presented by a team of authors, who are academics and managers, is divided into three parts:

  • The first part presents the key dimensions that are the basis for the creation process and for the use of knowledge by managers and organizations.
  • The second part focuses on research perspectives and on methodology.
  • The third part presents the syntheses of five doctoral research projects carried out by doctoral students of the Business Science Institute.

Livre - Création de connaissance par les managers

This book is the logical extension of the BSI program, which trains doctors in Business Administration (Executive DBA). It initiates a debate around the development and increase of knowledge creation by researcher-managers. The theses produced in the program are unique, because they confront a body of knowledge created via personal experience to one found in the theories of management science.

With contributions by: Cédric Baudet, Paul Beaulieu, Pierre-Jean Benghozi, Michelle Bergadàa, Marc Bonnet, Younès Boughzala, Philippe Byosiere, Françoise Chevalier, L. Martin Cloutier, Bruno Dufour, Marc Favier, Fréderic Favre, Hédi Guelmami, Birahim Gueye, Michel Kalika, Eric Lamarque, Christian Le Bas, Jean-Fabrice Lebraty, Sébastien Liarte, Denise J. Luethge, Daniel Maltais,Charles Martinet, Bachir Mazouz, Jean Moscarola, Vincent Mottet, Yvon Pesqueux, Nicolas Poussing, Maurice Thévenet, Gabriel Tremblay, Alain Vas, Isabelle Walsh.


Press Contact 
Laurence Dreyfus com@business-science-institute.com, + 33 6 83 14 08 22

« La création de connaissance par les managers »
Collection Business Science Institute, Editions Management et Société (EMS). Available on September 24.

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75th annual meeting - August 2015

Practice Theme Committee (PTC):
Impact of DBAs & Professional Doctoral Programs on Practice and Professional Development: The case of the Business Science Institute - Michel Kalika

Global Forum Best Symposium in Management Education and Development:
The Impact of Business Schools in International Perspective - Michel Kalika


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Press Release
Defense of three DBA theses on current topics
Friday, July 10, 2015

The first three Doctorates in Business Administration theses of the Business Science Institute will be defended Friday, July 10 in Geneva. The three thesis topics of these manager-doctoral students are at the heart of management issues of Swiss companies and government today.

The common feature of these three Business Science Institute DBA theses is their focus on issues of primary importance to the management of companies and their inclusion of recommendations. They are not only concerned with providing an analysis of management problems, but also with drawing on concrete areas for improvement and success.

Frédéric Favre, HRD at Migros Valais, presents a thesis on the manager in the face of his adaptive performance. His thesis addresses the contingency factors of modern enterprises, the changes, the middle manager as a key player, adaptive performance, training, and it details the actions taken, lessons learned and the findings made while conducting research in his business.

Vincent Mottet is the CFO to the State of Geneva. His thesis, “Tétranormalisation et management stratégique du territoire: le cas du Grand Genève “ (“Tetranormalization and strategic management of the territory: the case of Greater Geneva”) is about the contradictions between the Swiss and French regulations. The Greater Geneva Area is a recent creation, which calls for innovative solutions to addressing the problem of proliferation of divergent and sometimes contradictory standards (Tetranormalization) across the territory. The superposition of several normative systems limits the possibilities of the agglomeration for co-construction and generates a risk of deadlock, particularly regarding the environment.

Cédric Baudet, a teacher at the High Arc Business School (HES-SO), a specialist and consultant in information systems, studied the influence of user participation on the success of information systems. His DBA thesis answers the question: "How do the different dimensions of user participation influence the success of the implementation of information systems?"

Participating in these defenses are Professors Jean Moscarola, University of Savoy, Alain Vas, Catholic University of Louvain, Jean-Fabrice Lebraty, IAE Lyon – University Jean Moulin Lyon 3, Marc Bonnet, IAE Lyon - University Jean Moulin Lyon 3, Emmanuel Josserand, University of Technology Sydney, Michel Kalika, Scientific Advisor of Business Science Institute and Robert Cramer, State Councillor, former State Councillor of the Republic and Canton of Geneva, Head of the France-Vaud-Geneva Agglomeration Project.

The Business Science Institute is an international structure of higher education whose purpose is the development of Executive Education at an international level. It draws on the expertise of more than 80 professors in management sciences from prestigious universities and business schools from all over the world. These three defenses are the first in the BSI, which was created in 2012.

The institute offers just one program: the Executive Doctorate in Business Administration, intended for senior managers with an MBA or equivalent. The objectives of the Executive DBA are to enable candidates to pursue a post-MBA reflection and promote the professional and personal development of managers as well as companies through the mobilization of academic resources of international quality. It is headed by Professor Michel Kalika.

Press Contact:
Laurence Dreyfus,
+ 33 6 83 14 08 22

To assist in the thesis defenses in Geneva, or for more detailed information about the thesis topics, please feel free to contact me.

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Professor Michel Kalika, scientific councilor of the Business Science Institute, will join the IAE Lyon school of management, the largest French community for management studies. Jérôme Rive is the current director of the IAE Lyon, as well as the president of the IAE network. The Business Science Institute of Luxembourg (BSI) partnered with the IAE Lyon in October 2014 to develop a Doctorate in Business Administration on an international scale.

Learn more about Michel Kalika on his blog

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AIM 2015 Rabat Maroc

On May 21, the AIM-Sphinx award was presented to Cédric Baudet, a doctorate student from the Business Science Institute, at the 20th colloquium of the Association Information & Management (AIM) in Rabat, Morocco, for his article “L’utilisation des médias sociaux par les organisations sans but lucratif : une étude exploratoire”.

The AIM’s international conference gathers together research professors, researchers, and professionals and specialists in IT management. It’s a place where those who teach, conceive, create, and implement information systems for management come together to share and exchange ideas.

The theme of AIM 2015 is “Tendances en Management des technologies de l’information : Vers de Nouvelles Cultures et Pratiques Numériques” (“Trends in IT Management: Toward New Cultures and Digital Practices”). The selection criteria for the AIM-Sphinx award are the relevance of the study’s results and the originality of the methods used in the empirical study: a combination of qualitative/quantitative approaches, innovative data collection protocol, experimentation, lexical and semantic analyses…

Cédric Baudet, 39, is a professor at the Haute école de gestion Arc (HES-SO), where he teaches business information systems management and project management. He acts as an advisor for many different organizations and a director for various research projects. He enrolled in the first ever Business Science Institute program in 2012 in Geneva. He is currently preparing his Executive Doctorate in Business Administration on "dimensions de la participation des utilisateurs dans le succès des systèmes d'information".

The Business Science Institute is an international higher education organization designed to develop executive education on an international scale. It is composed of over 70 professors of management from the world’s most prestigious universities and Business Schools. The Institute offers just one program: the Executive Doctorate in Business Administration, a program designed for high-level managers with an MBA or equivalent degree. The goal of the Executive DBA is to use the mobilization of high-quality international academic resources to encourage post-MBA reflection and promote the professional and personal development of managers and businesses. It is directed by Professor Michel Kalika.

Press contact:
Laurence Dreyfus, com@business-science-institute.com + 33 6 83 14 08 22

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Monday March 23rd, 6pm, conference at the Centre de Convention Porte Sud de Genève (112 rue Richard Gurley Drew à Archamps) by Pr M. Kalika.

Information? No thank you!
Information overload in the organization.
By Pr M. Kalika.

Drowning in a flood of information, emails, reports, memos, etc., the modern manager is suffering from information overload.
You're certainly familiar with this situation.

What are its causes and consequences?
What are the solutions for the individual and the organization?

This topics will be discussed and answers will be given by Pr Kalika.

Time will be made available for discussions and participation of the audience, as well as sharing of your best practice.

Registration: com@business-science-institute.com


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The IAE of Grenoble is accumulating assets: being a school that dialogues with businesses to permanently offer teaching adapted to management careers, which selects its students and implements active teaching; being a Ecole a l’Universite, a form of rigor and quality assurance provided by professor-researcher doctors in their discipline and guest speakers with renowned talent.

Another asset is its affiliation with the national IAE network: with 31 institutes, 500 state diplomas in business administration, and 35 000 students, the IAEs are the primary places for management teaching and research in France, and the network encourages continuous improvement of the quality of the training.

Another important asset is the Grenoblois conglomeration, a competitive cluster that is booming in the fields of physics, nuclear energy, construction materials, electronics, computer science, biology, and micro and nanotechnologies: Grenoble is home to 220 renowned laboratories and 21000 research jobs.

The IAE is more particularly associated with the worldwide competitive cluster Minalogic (Micro Nanotechnologies et Logiciel Grenoble-Isère Compétitivité), the international center for chip technologies which gives a competitive advantage to training, research, and industry via the expertise in miniaturization, intelligence, and connectivity developed in Grenoble and the Rhône-Alpes.

The final asset is the area: Grenoble, the city in the mountains, is nestled in the middle of three mountain ranges: Chartreuse, Belledonne, and Vercors, with several national regional parks at its gates, such as Oisans, Ecrins, and Tarentaise.

Christian Defélix,
Director of the IAE.

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Press Release - October 16th 2014

A partnership between the Business Science Institute Luxemburg (BSI) and IAE Lyon for the international development of a Doctorate in Business Administration program.

The Business Science Institute and IAE Lyon – University Jean Moulin Lyon 3, have just established a partnership for the joint development of a Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) program.

The Executive DBA program is designed for senior executives and business leaders, as well as for holders of an MBA or equivalent master’s degree.

This program of continuing education is unique in that it enables business and organizational professionals to become “doctoral managers” and use their managerial experience to engage in a reflection on a subject related to managerial practices at the doctoral level and supervised by faculty members. It strives to stimulate creative capabilities in the domain of decision-making and strategy implementation.

The Executive DBA differs from a traditional doctorate through its more pragmatic orientation, all the while maintaining a crucial attention to research. As an executive program, DBA emphasizes the integration of management theory and practice in the workplace.

The program takes place over a period of three years, with five training seminars lasting three days each during the first year, follow-up seminars during the second year and a thesis defense in the third year. During the thesis process, the doctoral managers benefit from regular and personalized monitoring by an advisor specialized in their field of study.

The Executive DBA of the Business Science Institute is unique in its design in that it is based on a Scientific Advisory Board consisting of seventy professors from various international universities. The Business Science Institute already offers an Executive DBA in North America, Switzerland, Tunisia, Senegal, Luxemburg, and currently has an enrolment of about thirty doctoral managers.

This partnership marks the commitment of both institutions to work in synergy, while pooling resources for the benefit of the DBA participants.

For the Director of IAE Lyon, Jérôme Rive, “this partnership is the outcome of the meeting of two major actors of continued education. The DBA is a continuing education degree whose format perfectly fulfills the expectations of experienced managers who wish to take a step back and reflect on their own experience while conceptualizing their skills and their knowledge. The traditional doctorate is poorly adapted to these individuals, and an MBA program does not respond to the same objectives, nor is it on the same level. The Executive DBA offers an additional track, and a means of strengthening the fruitful connections between academic research and high-level managerial practices.”

Michel Kalika, President of Business Science Institute insists on the importance of the partnership between IAE Lyon and BSI. “On the one hand such a partnership provides academic recognition for BSI. On the other hand, it allows both institutions to partner to create new programs attractive to international targets. Finally, it satisfies the demands coming from many managers for whom a DBA is a way to valorize their experience and create knowledge.”

About IAE Lyon:

  • IAE Lyon, University of management – University Jean Moulin Lyon 3, is one of France’s most important centers for training and research in the field of management. IAE Lyon offers over 7,200 students in initial and continuing education high-level curricula and excellent teaching in the field of business administration and management.
  • IAE Lyon’s research activities and the knowledge they create guarantee high quality teaching, at the service of skills production.
  • IAE is also the partner of choice for companies and employees through its continuing education degree programs from Bac+3 to Bac+5 (among which are many part-time Masters and an International MBA), all accessible via the Validation des Acquis de l’Expérience measure, as well as through its short-term training offerings.
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Executive Doctorate in Business Administration

A doctoral programme for practising managers begins in Luxembourg this October. Professor Michel Kalika, Scientific Advisor at the Business Science Institute, is convinced the DBA offers huge advantages over other doctoral routes.

"This is above all an Executive DBA", he explains, "we created it for managers who may be 10 or 15 years into their career and want to step back to reflect on what they do while remaining withing their organisations."

It is that focus and continuity that Michel feels differentiates the BSI offer from, say, university-based PhD studies: "Universities can have difficulties
accommodating practising managers, with their goals perhaps conflicting and with time management issues", he says. It would be wrong to see anything less than full academic rigour in the BSI programme, however: "More than 60 internationally-reputed professors from a variety of countries - the USA, UK, France and Canada among them - have established this Executive DBA and teach it as well."

Michel sees a further difference in candidates' preparedness: "Most managers arrive with a good idea of their doctoral thesis topic, not always the case with young PhD students!".

The Institute's DBA is already running at centres in Canada, Switzerland, Tunisia and Senegal, and the BSI is in a way coming home with the Luxembourg programme about to start, its administration run from Chateau Wiltz, in the north of the country. The five three-day seminars in the first year will, however, take place in Luxembourg City: "In the seminars we help managers formalise their topics, and tutor them in research methodology. We also identify a professor and supervise the thesis that candidates write and refine in the second year, during which they attend three further one-day seminars."

As a career academic Professor Kalika has welcomed the resulting three-dimensional knowledge transfer: students benefit from the experience of their fellow as well as their teachers, and those teachers learn from contemporary managerial practice too.

He's excited about prospects for the new centre: "It's at the heart of the European Union, with a high density of senior managers within reach of such a central point. We're still recruiting for the October intake, and it underlines the international nature of the programme that we're drawing students not just from Luxembourg but neighbouring countries."

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The Business Science Institute’s Executive Doctorate in Business Administration (Executive DBA) has gained approval from the Minister of Education of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

The Business Science Institute of Luxembourg was established in July 2013. A non-profit organization (NPO) located in the Château de Wiltz, its task is to ensure the development of new Executive DBA campuses, particularly the one in Luxembourg that opened this October.

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