Post DBA

The Business Science Institute has recognised expertise in international DBA programme provision and exceptional networks of professors with a wide experience of publishing in peer-reviewed academic journals as well as professional journals and magazines.


The main objective is to facilitate the writing of an article by doctoral practitioners and to send it to a ranked journal before the end of the programme. At the end of the programme, participants obtain an Advanced Research Certificate delivered by IAE Bordeaux and the Business Science Institute.

Programme Structure

The Business Science Institute appoints a tutor for each student to ensure personal guidance. The programme then runs for one year in English.

10 half-day online seminars every 2 weeks:

  • How to write an academic article
  • How to produce an article from a DBA thesis
  • Finding the right references
  • Framing, checking and evaluation of existing data
  • Presenting outcomes
  • “New hot topics in Management” #1
  • “New hot topics in Management” #2
  • “Meet the editors” #1
  • “Meet the editors” #2
  • Completing and sending a paper to reviewers


  • Seminars: 2 one-day face-to-face seminars in Paris
  • The programme is delivered in English.
  • The language of publications will depend on the author and the targeted journal.
  • All recognised journals can be targeted.
  • The programme lasts 12 months.
  • DBA PhDs participate in seminars and webinars, and are assigned a tutor who will ensure a personal follow-up.

Post DBA – Certificate

You will receive a certificate issued by the Business Science Institute and a French university.
This certificate will be obtained if an article has been submitted to a selected journal.

Important dates

  • Series of webinars and personal follow-up.
  • Face-to-face seminar in Paris.
  • Regular (online) meetings with an experienced teacher and co-author.


The application process is online only. Each applicant must provide a CV, a summary of their DBA thesis and pay an application fee of €150. The total cost (excluding travel expenses) of the programme is €4900.

Please send your CV and an abstract from your DBA/PhD thesis to the following address: