Turn your managerial experience into knowledge.


You have an MBA, at least 5 years of work experience, with an inclination towards reflection, and the desire to take a step back and publish your work.

The Executive Doctorate in Business Administration of the Business Science Institute was created for you.





Our book about the DBA

The book “The Doctor of Business Administration” explains why more and more managers will decide to pursue a rather special and unique doctoral programme.

It will also answer many questions DBA students are likely to ask.

It has been written by professors and managers working in internationally accredited DBAs and edited by Prof. Michel Kalika and Stephen Platt (Business Science Institute).


Every year, the Business Science Institute organizes a series of events:


Approval and Accreditation


Approval from the Ministry of Education of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg




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*The success rate was calculated on 1 May 2022. This value is indicative and non-contractual. It depends on the graduating classes and the length of the doctoral course of each DBA student.

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