Application Process

This page describes the application process for the Executive Doctorate in Business Administration programme at the Business Science Institute.

Selection of candidates

Our approach to the selection of candidates at the Business Science Institute is as follows.

There are two types of selection in doctoral programmes:

  • The “pyramid” model where many PhD students are accepted and few graduate, as there are many dropouts.
  • The “tubular” model, where once the PhD student is selected and makes the expected effort, he/she is supported to defend the thesis.

At the Business Science Institute we choose the second model. Please note that this does not mean that it is enough to be enrolled to graduate! But a doctoral student who works and knows how to write must be able to reach the end of the process.

Admissions Process

The application and selection processes follow the following protocol:

  • Contact the Executive DBA’s scientific advisor and provide him with your CV. A remote informal interview will then take place. This initial contact will yield either a positive or negative opinion. Please keep in mind that this opinion is not a final admission decision, but simply a recommendation. It is meant above all to discourage applications that are unlikely to be accepted in the later stages of the admissions process.
    For this first step, please send your CV to
  • At the beginning of your CV, please write clearly:
    • your current professional situation (name of your firm, position, country)
    • total years of managerial experience
    • the last and highest qualifications you obtained
  • If the opinion given is favourable, you will then be asked to complete your application and submit it electronically.
    Once your application has been successfully submitted, the following steps will be taken:
  • Two weeks after the submission of your application, a formal remote interview will take place with an academic coordinator (senior member of faculty).
  • Three weeks after the submission of your application, our international scientific committee will review your application.
  • Three weeks after the submission of your application, you will receive our final decision.

To help you with the application process and in understanding what is involved in studying for an Executive DBA, we strongly recommend you read the book “How to successfully complete you DBA“, written by Michel Kalika, President of Business Science Institute.

Entry Requirements

  • Qualified to MBA level (or equivalent) from a recognized academic institution,
  • 5 years of management experience or equivalent professional experience,
  • Clear proof of a supportive professional and family environment,
  • A high level of motivation and demonstration of a clear understanding of what is required in terms of your learning commitment as a senior executive engaged in a DBA programme,
  • A research project proposal that is useful to the applicant, feasible, realistic and of demonstrable value (particularly in terms of potential impact on management practice),
  • Applicants must also be able to demonstrate, through their CV and/or at interview, that they have satisfactory English communication skills for the field in which they wish to study (no formal tests will be used – English skills will be assessed orally at interview). For the Online Executive DBA (English), native level skills will be required (ideally C1/C2). For the French language components, doctoral students will need to have at least level B2 communication skills in English to be able to cope with the required reading.