DBA in Shanghai – China

A joint Executive Education programme run in cooperation with iaelyon School of Management, University of Lyon 3, France

In cooperation with iaelyon, Business Science Institute in Luxembourg offers a practice-oriented doctoral programme, a Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) tailored to the needs and busy schedules of top managers and their business organisations.

The Business Science Institute DBA is an international doctoral degree lasting 4 years that creates considerable business value and generates personal, professional and societal impact. Managers conduct applied research that focuses on their companies and specific issues of their own choice. This corresponds to the need for increasing links between managerial practice and research, managers and academics, business life and academia.

Businesses thus benefit from research led by practising managers who develop invaluable academic approaches and perspectives under the close supervision of an experienced and expert international member of faculty.

Strengths of the DBA in Shanghai, China

  • AMBA accredited.
  • Ranked 4th best DBA worldwide, and 2nd best DBA for innovative pedagogy.
  • An internationally-renowned faculty of over 100 professors qualified to PhD level and accredited to supervise doctoral research, offering students access to a team of academics that is exceptional in its diversity, reputation, research publication track record and expertise.
  • A team of dedicated senior academic coordinators. Our team of coordinators play a vital role in Business Science Institute’s academic leadership structure. As senior academics, they have a key responsibility for coordinating the teaching and supervision carried out by our faculty for the site or course they are in charge of. They also provide a line of direct communication for participants, thus making a positive contribution to the participant learning experience.
  • Present in 10 countries, with an academic community of 230 DBA student-managers representing 43 nationalities and more than 130 theses have been successfully defended since 2015.
  • Exceptional service quality through personal monthly thesis follow-up meetings between the doctoral student-managers and their supervisors, and through the responsiveness of the support team that responds to emails within 24 hours.
  • The only DBA programme in the world to have its very own book collection written by DBA doctors and professors (28 books published between 2015-2020)

Learn more about the Executive DBA (9 videos)

Professors for the DBA in Shanghai

Application Process

To start the application procedure, please send your CV to cv@business-science-institute.com.

Your CV will be transferred to Business Science Institute’s Scientific Advisor for initial screening.

Your CV should begin with a brief summary giving the following information:

  • Current profession (position, company, country)
  • Number of years of managerial experience
  • Highest and most recent qualifications

You will be kept informed by e-mail throughout the process.