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Page last updated on 16/04/2024

DBA Awards

Business Science Institute runs an Executive DBA programme, i.e., a programme for practising managers and/or managers with extensive professional experience. The thesis is based on both concepts and managerial practices derived from the participant’s own experience. The degree awarded is an Executive Doctorate in Business Administration from Business Science Institute.

Since November 2014, a partnership signed with iaelyon School of Management at the University of Lyon Jean Moulin, provides for the joint enrolment of Business Science Institute students. As such, students also receive the DBA from iaelyon.

Yes. Since 2020, the Business Science Institute is one of the few internationally accredited DBAs. This is a guarantee of the quality of the programme.

Yes, of course.

The first phase of the programme includes 5 seminars of 3 days (Thursday, Friday, Saturday); during the second phase, there are 3 days of thesis follow-up which can be done remotely

In addition, the follow-up is managed remotely.

EQUAL, an international organization comprising the 3 leading international accreditation institutions (AACSB, AMBA, EFMD) and some twenty international academic associations in the field of management, clearly defines the difference between a DBA and a PhD. Equal Guidelines for Doctoral Programmes in Business & Management states:

« The main function and purpose of an academic doctorate (e.g., Ph.D.) is to provide the qualification for entering the research community in a field of business and management studies ».

« In comparison to an academic doctorate, a professional practice doctorate aims more explicitly to make a contribution to management practice in industry and society. It offers managers and executives, as doctoral candidates / reflective practitioners, an opportunity to carry out a rigorous and relevant research training programme at the highest level of academic qualification for advanced personal and professional development, while conforming to the “Salzburg Principles”. » (page 4)

The Business Science Institute stands out for the following reasons:

  • The quality and diversity of the faculty;
  • The responsiveness of the administrative and academic support;
  • The unique follow-up system of relations between doctoral students and professors;
  • The unique collection of some 40 books, by professors and PhDs, dedicated to the DBA.

For more information, please visit the page dedicated to the Business Science Institute’s competitive advantage.


The Executive DBA fees have been set at a lower level than other AMBA-accredited programmes of comparable quality and are strictly for operating costs. The Business Science Institute is a nonprofit organization.

It is the choice of the Business Science Institute to make this programme accessible to the largest number of candidates.

For this reason, there is no scholarship scheme for students.

Thesis and Follow-up

The choice of thesis supervisor is the result of exchanges between:

  • the student,
  • their cohort’s academic coordinator and the Business Science Institute Scientific Advisor
  • the supervisor identified together by the above

The thesis supervisor must be a member of the Business Science Institute faculty team, or prepared to join the team (shared values and objectives).

The thesis supervisor is not imposed by Business Science Institute. The final decision is the result of discussions between the participant and the Institution.

Yes, this is possible subject to compatibility of schedules and administrative formalities.

Please contact us for further information:

Wherever Business Science Institute can constitute a cohort of roughly a dozen students, with modules held at a chamber of commerce, a partner institution or in a hotel.

All the Business Science Institute’s Executive DBA seminars take place in capital cities in coordination with local academic partners.

Currently the Executive DBA’s face-to-face programme is open in: Luxembourg, Paris, Frankfurt, Geneva, Shanghai, Bangkok, Bamako, Dakar and Douala.

In addition, we run the Online Executive DBA programme in English, French or German.

You can extend the enrolment period, although you will then be required to re-enrol and pay the associated fees.

Re-enrolment fee: 2,000 € for one year.

Before committing to work with a supervisor, you should check their research interests correspond with yours and that they publish regularly on this topic in peer-reviewed academic journals. Please note that Business Science Institute’s Faculty are internationally renowned and have an active publishing record covering a range of management fields.

That said, if you wish to work with a professor who is not on the Business Science Institute team, the Academic Committee will consider their application for approval based on our faculty selection criteria (qualifications; research expertise; supervisory experience; willingness to commit the Institution and its approach).

It is unreasonable to expect a practising senior manager to produce a doctoral-level thesis in less than four years.

We have been able to observe almost 400 enrolled doctoral-managers since the start of the programme in 2013, and we can confirm on the basis of their experience that a credible DBA thesis cannot usually be produced in less than four years other than in exceptional circumstances (transfer from another doctoral programme, generous study leave allocated by their employer, a record of previous publications in their field of research, a sustained period of time spent preparing for the DBA prior to enrolment).

Secondly, it should be noted that the Bologna 3-5-8 process, which concerns European countries, stipulates 3 years for the Bachelor’s degree, 2 years for the Master’s degree and 3/4 years for the full-time Doctorate.

For practising managers, AMBA & EQUAL consider that a DBA should last at least 4 years.


Regulations may vary from country to country.

Executive Doctor in Business Administration or Doctor in Business Administration

You should select the programme that corresponds to your objectives, both in academic and managerial terms.

There are several criteria to take into consideration:

  • Who are the professors teaching on the programme?
  • What is their publishing record?
  • What is the completion rate of the programme over the last few years?

Some DBAs enrol large numbers of students, but few of them are structured to enable students to actually complete the programme.

The website can help you determine your individual selection criteria.

The answer depends on countries and institutions

First of all, please note that no single qualification gives you the right to teach. In France, for example, it is the competitive entrance exams that give the right to teach in secondary and higher education. A thesis is never enough on its own.

The situation varies from country to country. In France, in order to be a full-time university professor, you must have a PhD qualification, and not a DBA. On the other hand, to teach in a Business School, professional experience and a DBA are appreciated.

In some countries, the shortage of teachers is such that high-quality DBAs combining managerial experience with a conceptual perspective are welcome.

It also depends on the quality of the programme followed, the quality of the thesis, publications, etc.