Associate Researchers

Business Science Institue’s intention is clearly to support our graduates in their development once they have successfully completed the DBA programme.

Enrolment on a professional doctoral training programme, is by definition a demonstration of commitment to lifelong learning. Business Science Institute fully recognises this commitment and has developed opportunities for graduates to further their learning journey post-thesis.

A new “Associate Graduate Researcher” status was therefore voted in by the Academic Committee in August 2020 to encourage the continued encounter between practice and academia into alumni life for our graduates.

Other opportunities for lifelong learning include, for example, our partnership with EMS éditions offering publishing opportunities for graduates and thus improving their ‘career’ visibility’ (graduate consultants who published their thesis in the Business Science Collection talk about the positive impact it had on their professional credibility and ultimately their portfolio of clients and resulting income) and alumni participation in the Annual International Week with opportunities to continue interacting with a diverse range of practitioners.