The Executive DBA Thesis Charter

Page last updated on 02/02/2024

This page lists the components of the Business Science Institute DBA thesis charter.

Executive DBA Thesis – A personal and/or professional project

An Executive DBA thesis must be part of a personal and/or professional project that is clearly defined in its objectives and requirements. This includes clarity about the objectives pursued, the means required to achieve them and fill participation in training seminars.


Executive DBA Thesis – Choice of topic and supervision

The topic of the doctoral thesis leads to the realisation of a high quality written work that is both original and instructive and whose feasibility is within the planned timeframe. The doctoral thesis topic is chosen jointly by the doctoral candidate and the supervisor. The supervising professor is chosen for his or her recognised mastery of the field of management research. He or she assists the doctoral candidate in the search for information and in the choice of methodology and plan.

The doctoral candidate adheres to agreed deadlines and the planned pace of work. He/she has the duty to inform his/her supervisor about difficulties encountered and the progress of the work. Participants must show initiative in carrying out their research. A monthly supervision initiated by the doctoral student is foreseen. This is preceded by the sending of a monthly report to the supervisor.

Executive DBA thesis – Defence (or ‘Viva’)

The defence of the Executive DBA thesis can only take place once approval has been received from the supervisor, the scientific committee and two external examiners (rapporteurs).

The defence is public and its organisation is communicated in advance.

The professors on the examination panel include:

  • The thesis supervisor
  • The external examiners
  • The examination panel Chair
  • The alumni practitioner

Executive DBA thesis – Publication

The role of the thesis supervisor is to advice participants on the options for publication of their thesis to be considered once the defence has been successfully completed (book, article, case study, online publication, etc.).

Conciliation procedure

In case of ongoing disagreement between the doctoral student and their supervising professor, the Executive DBA Programme Scientific Advisor will be consulted.