Strategic Futures Meetings

The Business Science Institute and its partners are organising the Strategic Futures Meetings (starting in October 2022).

These events are intended to give a place to the testimonies of entrepreneurs and practitioners.

Next Strategic Futures Meeting

Saturday 26 November 2022

Strategic Futures Meetings n°1: Networks & Communication

Multiple truths and realities: adapting to the loss of common sense

Raison d’être

The strategic shortcomings of private and public organisations in the West over the past forty years at least are not unrelated to the economic, social, political and ecological crises that are combining and reinforcing. The surprise and unpreparedness in the face of a global pandemic, the blindness in the face of the return of international tensions and imperial wars, and the mistrust of the viability of democratic regimes are the symptoms.

The systematic under-exploitation of research in practice is not unrelated to this situation. It is a luxury that it is no longer reasonable for professionals to afford. Researchers and professors of strategy are not to blame for this state of affairs: it is no longer conceivable to continue to conduct research ‘off the ground’, in the interiors of academies, without regard to the contingencies of time and space.

In this context, the Strategic Futures Meetings are intended to be a “space-time” for stepping back, reflecting and (re-)projecting into the future. At a time when anomie, atony and frenzy are gaining ground.

Faced with the current recomposition of factors and forms of power, it is urgent to reinvent, redesign and reimagine possible futures by comparing the experiences of researchers, managers, academics and professionals from all sectors.

This is the ambition of the Strategic Futures Meetings.

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