Strategic Futures Meetings


1. Presentation

2. Objectives

Giving a place to the testimonies of entrepreneurs and practitioners.


The Strategic Meetings are born of the conviction that the strategic deficiency demonstrated by private and public organizations in the West for the past forty years at least is not unrelated to the economic, social, political and ecological crises that are combined and reinforced. The surprise and unpreparedness in the face of a global pandemic, the blindness in the face of the return of international tensions and imperial wars, the mistrust of the viability of democratic regimes are the symptoms.

The wastefulness of systematically under-utilizing research in practice is no stranger to this situation. It is a luxury that it is no longer reasonable for professionals to afford. Researchers and professors of strategy are no strangers to this state of affairs: it is no longer conceivable to continue to conduct research “off the ground”, in the interiors of academies, without regard to the contingencies of time and space.

In this context, The Strategic Meetings are meant to be a “space-time” for taking a step back, for reflection, for (re-)projection into the future. At a time when anomie, sluggishness and frenzy are gaining ground, they aim to bring together researchers, managers, academics and professionals from all sectors, aware of the need to explore in a new way. Faced with the current recomposition of factors and forms of power, it is urgent to reinvent, to redesign, to reimagine possible futures.

This is the ambition of The Strategic Meetings.


The Strategic Meetings have the following three objectives:

  • Explore research in strategy and management to make more rigorous and relevant use of the available knowledge;
  • To imagine the potential for action by exploring sectoral transformations and debating past and current industrial adventures;
  • Highlight strategic innovations and discuss their transformative potential.

Designed to engage new forms of discussion and dialogue, The Strategic Meetings will be of particular interest to decision-makers and stakeholders who are aware that creating a meaningful impact for their products is now the primary factor of strategic survival: entrepreneurs, public and private sector leaders, and academics with diverse experiences.