Foreword from the President – February 2023

Academic integrity is a major challenge for an institution such as the Business Science Institute, which runs an Executive DBA programme for senior managers.

More generally, it is a strategic issue for both doctoral candidates and institutions, which is why it will be at the heart of the discussions that will take place during our Spring Seminar on 30-31 March and 1 April. Let there be no mistake: academic integrity is not limited to the question of plagiarism. Its scope is much broader and also concerns the literature review, the conditions under which information is collected, its processing, the formulation of conclusions and the resulting publications.

This subject is even more topical with the appearance at the end of last year of ChatGPT, a conversational agent that uses AI. Since its launch on the net, there have been numerous reactions and reports: misuse of the tool by students, fears for the future of teaching or, on the contrary, its use under the pretext of educational innovation.

The jury is still out, but let’s keep in mind the most important thing: the Executive DBA thesis is, and can only be, the result of the individual work of the doctoral candidate manager and of him or her alone!

Michel Kalika
President of Business Science Institute