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Page last updated on 08/06/2023

The Business Science Institute is an independent, international institution whose goal is to develop doctoral-level executive education worldwide.

Business Science Institute promotes the professional and personal development of managers and businesses through the mobilisation of international academic resources of the highest quality.

Our Mission: We make it possible for a diverse range of experienced managers from across the globe to access a doctoral degree programme taught and supervised by outstanding faculty for lasting personal and professional development and impact.

Our Vision: To be one of the main relevant international actors specialized in the specific field of DBA education, focusing on practice-oriented research & the creation of impact by new Doctors in Business Administration and a network of professors.

The creation of Business Science Institute was the result of an observation and a number of convictions:

  • Our observation: There is an unmet demand coming from experienced business managers who wish to pursue post-MBA intellectual activities, which major international higher education institutions have difficulty in providing.
  • Our convictions:
    • It is the duty of management professors to respond to the demands of managers and executives for personal and professional development by offering them a global perspective.
    • The interaction between managers and academics is a source of mutual enrichment.
    • Publications of all kinds should be valued, including books.

Business Science Institute’s strategy is therefore to position the Institution within this niche, and to activate a unique network of international academic resources of the highest quality. This innovative strategy involves developing an approach underpinned by a range of perspectives and knowledge sources that can only arise from the deliberate encounter between the world of management practice and academia.