Post DBA Media Writing Workshop

Page last updated on 08/06/2023

The Business Science Institute offers writing workshops to enable DBA graduates to effectively communicate the results and impact of their thesis in the media.


  • Learn to communicate the results and impact of the thesis, in writing, in the media.
    For example, in The conversation/National or regional daily press/Professional press professional press;
  • Follow up on your DBA research and make an impact with managers and wider and wider audiences.


2 hours of training in journalistic requirements in terms of form and content

The rules of journalistic writing are very different from those of the thesis. Different elements will be presented as to the number of signs, the type of sentences, the importance of headlines…and above all the choice of subject which must be both precise and in touch with current events.

4 hours of co-development: sub-group work and writing

On this basis and having thought about the question beforehand, the students will be divided into working groups. An individual writing task will be proposed, followed by a reading session. The idea is to get feedback from the other participants and to suggest ways of improving each article.


Madina Rival has been a professor of management at the Cnam for 19 years. In addition to her academic work, she has published in numerous media (Le Monde, The Conversation, Acteurs Publics for example).



Each participant can come with a title and a short summary of their work or a press article to write.


The cost of the day is 250€.


You can now register by sending an e-mail to Caroline ( specifying “Post DBA media workshop” in the title of the e-mail.

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