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On December 5th 2017, The Conversation published an article written by Emmanuel Josserand and Sarah Kaine on what Amazon's entry to Australia means for Australian industrial relations. 

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The Business Science Institute Executive DBA program was created in response to the demands and needs of experienced executives that wish to take a step back from their managerial practices to conduct research, create knowledge, to write and defend an Executive DBA thesis.

This collection, composed of three series, presents not only the work of the Business Science Institute professors, but also the work of Business Science Institute doctors and doctoral students.

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Certain publications are now available in English!

"How to successfully complete your DBA?" by Professor Michel Kalika

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"Discovering new theories" by Professor Isabelle Walsh

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This book entitled "How to successfully complete your DBA?", written by Business Science Institute President Michel Kalika aims to answer the questions of managers who wish to gain perspective, defend and publish a thesis grounded in their managerial experience and create knowledge.

What is a DBA? What are the differences between a DBA and a PhD? How to prepare a DBA in three years? Should you choose a face-to-face or distance learning DBA? How to choose your thesis supervisor? How to start your DBA? What methodology (ies) to choose for your DBA? What plan to adopt for the DBA thesis? And finally: How to enhance your DBA?

The author provides clear and pragmatic answers to all these questions on the basis of his experience in managing DBA programs and he takes the reader through a three steps plan:
1. Choosing a DBA
2. Choosing a thesis theme
3. Managing your DBA

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Press Release - March 24th 2017

The Business Science Institute, which organizes an international DBA with more than 100 doctoral students, has summarized the motivations of managers applying to this doctoral program. Based on the qualitative analysis of admission interviews, two main motivators have appeared: the private and the professional.

In the private sphere, the candidates are looking for satisfaction in three areas: the pleasure of engaging in a process of reflection, the pride of obtaining the title of doctor, and finally the desire to have their work published.

Professionally, managers first seek to differentiate themselves in an environment where the MBA has become the norm. Others also see the DBA as an opportunity for professional development, especially in large international organizations. Finally, for those engaged in consulting, the DBA is a tool of legitimacy.

Motivations differ according to candidates’ profiles. For younger candidates, professional motivations dominate, while private considerations take precedence for senior managers.

The following table (translated from French) provides the managers’ quotes, illustrating what they are looking for in a DBA.

Book “Comment réussir son DBA ?” [How to succeed in your DBA?]

by Michel Kalika, published by EMS, 2017.

To find out more, visit the publisher’s website (in French), page 30.

Contact: www.business-science-institute.com

Julia Widdig: julia@business-science-institute.com tel + 312 621 376 588

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Press Release - February 9th 2017

The Business Science Institute Luxembourg (BSI) and the European Institute for Knowledge- and Value- Management (EIKV) have signed a partnership agreement for the mutual development of a German language Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) group in Luxembourg.

Professor Michel Kalika (IAE Lyon, University Jean Moulin, Business Science Institute) and Professor André Reuter (Chairman European Institute for Knowledge- and Value- Management (EIKV))

The two institutions of higher education and research, based at the castle of Wiltz and Niederanven respectively, wish to unite their academic potential in order to meet the demands of German-speaking managers wishing to prepare a DBA thesis.

The course, which will be conducted in German and English in Luxembourg, is intended for active managers with least 5 years of professional experience and an MBA (or equivalent).

The doctoral seminars will be lead by professors from both institutions.

The course will start the last week of September at the Château de Wiltz and the following seminars, held over three days every two months, will take place in Luxembourg.

The partners are planning to develop other German-speaking DBA programs in Germany.


Contact and information:

BSI:     julia@business-science-institute.com; +352 621 376 588


EIKV:   andre.reuter@eikv.org; +352 621 360 245


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The audit to obtain the SGS-anti-plagiarism label was held on the 27th and 28th of September 2016, at the Château de Wiltz, under the direction of Professor Jean Desmazes, head of the Business Science Institute’s anti-plagiarism program.

The auditor, Céleste Cornu, issued a favorable opinion; the report highlights the following points:

  • The Business Science Institute has established and maintained its anti-plagiarism program in accordance with the guiding principles for an anti-plagiarism program;
  • It has shown its ability to fight against plagiarism (by its doctoral-managers as well as professors and researchers);
  • It has implemented a prevention program (including a public commitment, human and financial organization, information and training, investigation and sanction process).
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The graduation ceremony took place on the 28th, 29th, and 30th of September at the Château de Wiltz (Luxemburg), attended by professorMichel Kalika president of the Business Science Institute, as well as by over 20 professors from the Scientific Council: Boubacar Baidari, CESAG, Dakar; Paul Beaulieu UQAM, Montreal; Michelle Bergadaà, University of Geneva; Jean Pierre Boissin, IAE Grenoble; Françoise Chevalier, HEC Paris; Martin Cloutier, Montreal; Christian Defélix, IAE Grenoble; Jean Desmazes, IAE La Rochelle; Pierre-Louis Dubois, University of Montpellier; Ewald Eisenberg, University of Kehl ; Marc Favier, University of Grenoble ; Birahim Gueye, Gaston Berger University, Senegal; Jean-Fabrice Lebarty, IAE Lyon; Sébastien Liarte, University of Lorraine; Jean Moscarola, University of Savoy; Yvon Pesqueux, CNAM ; Nicolas Poussing, LISER, Luxembourg; Jacques Thévenot, ICN; and over 30 doctors and doctoral students from Algeria, Belgium, Benin, the United Kingdom, Cameroun, Ghana, Ivory Coast, France, Luxemburg, Mali, Niger, Senegal, Tunisia.

On the 28th of September, three doctoral students defended their theses:

  • P. Modou Ndiaye, “Facteurs de risque dans la gestion des projets de développement au Sénégal” [Risk factors in the management of development projects in Senegal].
  • M. Ben Ali, “Evaluation des pratiques d’essaimage dans le contexte de la responsabilité sociétale de l’entreprise. L’expérience de la STEG dans le secteur public tunisien” [Evaluation of swarming practices in the context of corporate social responsibility – The experience of the STEG in the Tunisian public sector].
  • R. Sfeir, “La communication des PME en crise financière, facteur de résilience” [Communication in SMEs in financial crisis, a factor of resilience].

On the 29th of September, a round table with professors from the Business Science Institute took place for the first time. They addressed the topic: “Formuler avec succès un projet de thèse d’Executive DBA” [Successfully formulating an Executive DBA thesis project]. This round table, moderated by Professor Paul Beaulieu, from UQAM, Montreal, was followed by a public presentation of theses by the doctors of the Business Science Institute.

On the 30th of September, doctoral students from different cohorts presented their ongoing work.

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Below, the doctoral student-managers from the Paris Cohort 1 during their seminar “Thematic Paradigm II” that took place from the 8th to the 11th of September 2016 with, from left to right, professors Michel Kalika, Jean-Pierre Helfer, Marc Bonnet, and Sébastien Liarte.


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The doctoral student manager Hassoumi Assoumana, from the Geneva graduating class 3, met his thesis supervisor, Professor Pierre-Jean Benghozi in Paris, on the way from Niamey (his home) to Wiltz – Luxembourg, where he was going to present his research from the last two years. His research addresses the impact of the telecom regulation authorities on the development and performance of the telecom sector in UEMOA countries.


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