MITEV Nathalie

Business Science Institute

Dr Nathalie Mitev was an Associate Professor at the London School of Economics, Information Systems and Innovation Group, in the Department of Management for 17 years. She held prior academic positions at Salford University in Manchester and City University Business School (now Cass Business School) in London. Her research focuses on the organisational aspects of information systems and technology, particularly from a sociological and political perspective. She has built a reputation for in- depth qualitative research, for setting a critical agenda and helping to bring this approach within mainstream information systems and organizational research. She has published critical work in management studies (in e.g., Journal of Management Studies, Management Learning, Personnel Review, Culture and Organisation) and information systems (European Journal of Information Systems, Journal of Information Technology, Information Technology and People, The Information Society, Information Technology for Development). She was track chair for ICIS and co-chaired the IFIP8.2 conference. She co-edited ‘Materiality and Space’, ‘Materiality and Time’, ‘Materiality and Regulation’ and ‘Materiality and Managerial Techniques’ published in by Palgrave Macmillan. They books are based on an ongoing series of workshops on ‘Organizations, Artefacts and Practices’ she co-founded. She is Research Associate at Paris-Dauphine University and King’s College London, and has held visiting positions at Poitiers University, Grenoble University, Ecole de Management de Strasbourg, Muenster University, Aarhus University and Fundação Getulio Vargas Sao Paulo. She runs doctoral workshops on qualitative research methods in management and on how to write the thesis and publish in academia, and she teaches projet and technology management to doctoral and postgraduate students.