Le Mans Université

Holder of a PhD in Management Sciences (1994) and an HDR (2001), Mehdi Nekhili is a University Professor of Finance at Le Mans University where he has been the head of the ARGUMans laboratory (Management Research Laboratory, Le Mans University) since 2019 and founded the “Governance and CSR” chair in 2018.

His teaching areas are corporate finance, financial analysis, financing and investment, cash management, governance, management of organizations, financial engineering and the financial approach to business planning.

He is the author of more than fifty articles in national and international journals such as Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Banking and Finance, Corporate Governance: An International Review, Journal of Business Finance and Accounting or Comptabilité Contrôle Audit. Since 2004, Mehdi Nekhili has been a trainer for executives working in the field of finance.

He is also a visiting professor in many foreign institutions and acts as an expert for Aivancity School for technology, Business & Society, emlyon Campus Casablanca, the Faculty of Business at Al-Ahliyya Amman University and the University of Bahrain. To date, he has defended 18 theses.