GAJEWSKI Jean-François

Business Science Institute

Jean-François Gajewski is a Professor of Finance at iaelyon School of Management and the head of the research laboratory Magellan. His research focuses on the general theme of information and financial markets, and is part of the field of behavioral finance from both points of view, managers and investors. It aims at analyzing how the managers take their financial decisions (IPO, Financial communication, CSR information, Equity issues,… ) and how the investors incorporate this kind of information into their strategies. Jean-François GAJEWSKI first used an empirical approach based on tools developed in market microstructure and then used the experimental methodology. More recently, his research in Neurofinance allows him to better understand human behavior in a context of financial decisions. His research has been published in several academic journals such as Financial Management, Review of Finance, Journal of Corporate Finance, Journal of Banking and Finance, European Accounting Review, European Financial Management, Bankers Markets and Investors, Journal of Behavioral Finance, Advances in international Accounting, International Journal of Accounting, etc. Jean-François GAJEWSKI is also the editor-in-chief of Finance, Finance Contrôle Stratégie and an Associate Editor of 2 academic reviews (European Journal of Finance and Finance). After having completed all his studies until the PhD at Paris-Dauphine University, he was awarded the prize for the best thesis in Finance by the Paris Bourse and received a grant to publish his thesis, from the Ministry of Higher Education and Research.