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The application and selection processes follow the following protocol:

  • Contact one of the Executive DBA's scientific advisors and provide them with your CV. A remote interview will then take place. This initial contact will yield either a positive or negative opinion. Keep in mind that this opinion is not a final admission decision, but simply a recommendation. It is meant to primarily discourage applications that are unlikely to be accepted.
    For this first step, please send your CV to cv@business-science-institute.com
  • At the beginning of your CV, please write clearly:
    • your activity of the moment (name of your firm, position, country)
    • the number of years dedicated as a manager
    • the last and highest diploma you obtained
  • If the opinion given is favorable, you will then complete your application using our online system.
  • After your application is received, the following steps will be taken:
  • Two weeks after the reception of the application, a formal remote interview will be conducted with a professor.
  • Three weeks after the reception of the application, our international scientific committee will review your application.
  • Three weeks after the reception of the application, you will receive our final decision.


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