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Professors Executive DBA/Pierre-Yves Gomez

Pierre-Yves Gomez

Pierre-Yves Gomez


Former president of the French Academy of Management, Pierre-Yves Gomez is a professor of strategic management at EMLYON Business School and the director of the French Corporate Governance Institute. Due to his involvement in politics, he is regularly found participating in public debates about questions of economic responsibility. A specialist in the relationship between business and society, his research mostly deals with governance, strategy, and the theory of the firm and corporate governance. His writings were used in the development of the Middlenext code, the French governance code for listed mid caps.

He is the author of numerous academic books and articles. In “Le travail invisible: Enquête sur une disparition”, published in éditions François Bourin in 2013, he develops a political economy of “real work” in which he shows the connection between the economic crisis of 2008 and the lack of experience with said real work among business managers. In his latest work, “Strong managers, strong owners” (co-authored by Harry Koine), he demonstrates the link between changes in governance and changes in strategy.