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Professors Executive DBA/Philippe JEAN-PIERRE



Université de la Reunion



Philippe Jean-Pierre has been Full Professor of Economics at the University of Reunion Island since 2002. His research, carried out at the CEMOI Laboratory (Centre for Indian Ocean Economics and Management), of which he was Director from 2013 to 2017, focuses on the issues of regional performance and competitivity. Within this scope, he carries out and supervises, for example, work on the evaluation of regional public policies and on the performance of organisations resulting from their innovation and differentiation strategies. As an expert in regional planning and development strategies for island territories, he has assisted numerous institutions and organisations in La Réunion Island in drawing up their strategies and projects.  As part of his teaching activities, he is now in charge of the Master's Degree in Tourism Management and Planning at the IAE. His presence within the Planning section of the Economic and Social Committee of Reunion Island has also contributed to the strengthening of his skills in the field of regional development strategies. He is now a member of the Regional Innovation Committee of which he is President. His areas of expertise are innovation, regional and development strategy and planning, convergence, energy transition, the circular economy, the economy and planning of tourism, entrepreneurship, start-ups and