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Professors Executive DBA/Pascale DE ROZARIO


Le Cnam Paris

Pascale De Rozario has a long experience in Conservatoire national of Art and Craft (Cnam Paris) of lifelong (e)learning international training curricula and projects dedicated to executives and managers. She first created the new Departement “Europe” (2004-2008) where she brought and managed key innovation projects (The Unesco digital campus Avicenne with 11 Mediterranean Universities in the Eumedis programme / The Leonardo da Vinci project (European Commission) APL (Assessment of Prior Learnings in Firms) with 6 countries / The Leonardo da Vinci project Eportfolio & Mobility). Her Phd (2006) in sociology at Institut d’études politiques de Paris (IEP) was focused on how polities, policies and politics played together at a managerial practical level. She then was called as an expert of quality of learning sets at national and international levels.

As a core member of the collective Phd seminar Pesqueux in administrative and organization sciences (2010-2020), she built a Doctoral Incubator (ID) based on a personal @portfolio learning process and experimented it in Lebanon, Mali and Senegal with at least 30 Phd candidates. In 2013, she defended her Habilitation on “Modernity and its avatars in management sciences”. She directed the French adaptation of the seminal book of Denise M. Rousseau “Psychological Contract in Organization. Understanding Written and Unwritten Agreements” published by Pearson (2014) with Denise, and recently published with Pesqueux Théories des Organisations (Pearson, 2018). One first core challenge of her work is to redesign how organizations and the collective action had been defined till now to integrate the key questions of materiality and the governance of a more sustainable development. The second one is to design specific learning methods to stimulate this peculiar cognitive effort of going between practice and theory that the executive Dba requires from high potential executives.

She is currently responsible of a Master Degree Organization and Governance of Sustainable Development (4 Moocs focused on sustainable entrepreneurship, innovative and sustainable organization, CSR and HR, territorial responsibilities and RGVCs, Responsible Global Value Chains). Her Phd students (10) worked for example on the new organizational psychological contracts, Digital critical incidents, responsible entrepreneurship, structuration (the practical scripts) and circulation of ideas (exemplarity and ethics, for example).