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Professors Executive DBA/Pascal Glémain

Pascal Glémain


Dr. Pascal Glémain is Assistant Professor-Post Doctorate Graduate (French HDR) in Management Sciences at the University Rennes 2 (France). He is one of the fundators and one of the two co-directors of the Interdisciplinary Research Laboratory in Social Innovations-LiRIS EA 7481. He holds a PhD in Regional Financial and Banking Economics in The EU (University of Nantes), a Post Doctorate Graduate (French HDR) in Management Science (IGR IAE-University of Rennes 1), and a Post Doctorate Graduate (French HDR) in Economics - Social and Solidarity Economy (University Rennes 2). He was cooperating researcher at United Nations Research Institute on Social Development, and he is member both of the International Comparative Social Enterprises Models-ICSEM EMES research program, and of the CERMi-University of Mons (Belgium). He is the editorial director for the University Press of Rennes (PUR): “économie, gestion et société”. He’s elected member of the RIUESS, and he is International Scientific Expert for the “Fonds de Recherche du Québec-Society and Culture”. His main research topics encompass solidarity finance, private equity crowdfunding, and microfinance in the sub-Saharan area and in the EU. He is also interest in the topics of work integration social enterprise as learning organizations (WISELOs) in France (with the French Network Chantier Ecole) (strategic management, organizational targets, not-for-profit accountability). He has a fourteen-year fieldwork experience in Solidarity Finance and Microfinance both in France and in Benin, and Romania. In 1995 and in 1996, he received the Atlantic thesis granted prize. His publications are concerned with the following research review: International Journal of Social Economics, RERU, RECMA, Management & Avenir, Gestion 2000, Economie-Géographie et Société, Economie et Société, Annals of Public and Cooperative Economics, Innovations, and scientific member of the academic review Entreprise et Société (ENSO, Garnier éditions), Marche & Organisations.