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Marc Valax


IAE Nice

Marc Valax is Professor in Management Science, certified to supervise research at IAE Nice. A specialist in human resources management, he is currently supervising four doctoral candidates at Business Science Institute on research questions such as new forms of employment, company evaluation methods, responsible leadership and the organisation as a place for sustainable skills development.

. His teaching is in international HR management and recruitment, employment and training. He did his research in the human resources research group of the Magellan Center.

His research approaches are both qualitative and longitudinal. He has published numerous articles in international journals, such as Management International, RFG as well as the Asian Business and Management Journal. He has also contributed to many books: “Les dissonances dans l’application de la RSE au niveau local en Amérique Latine, application à la gestion des cadres expatriés seniors” [The dissonance in the implementation of CSR at the local level in Latin America, applied to the management of senior expatriate managers], in: J. P. Dupuy, Dynamiques du management international [The dynamics of international management], Ed EMS, Paris 2016, “Getting to best multinationals strategy in Asia: The case study of GE's performance management success”, in : B. Andreosso and B. Zulin, The Globalization of Asian markets : implications for Multinational Investors, Ed. Routledge, London, 2016 and “Les relations de pouvoir des cadres dirigeants expatriés, comment surmonter les obstacles ethnoculturels locaux ?” [Power relations of expatriate executives, how to overcome local ethno-cultural barriers?] in: P.X. Meschi, F. PREVOT, Economies émergentes/ économies matures. Enjeux pour le management international [Emerging Economies / mature economies. Challenges for international management], Vuibert, Paris 2016.