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Mount Allison University

Associate Professor

Judith A. Holton is Associate Professor of Management at Mount Allison University, Canada where she teaches strategy, leadership and organizational change. She completed her Masters degree (in Leadership) at Royal Roads University (Canada) and her PhD (in Management Studies) at the University of Northampton (UK). During her PhD research, she was closely mentored by Barney Glaser, the originator of classic grounded theory methodology.  She has written several methodological papers and co-edited books about classic grounded theory and was the founding editor of The Grounded Theory Review as a peer-reviewed journal dedicated to classic grounded theory research.  In addition to research methodology, her research interests include leadership and management of complex systems, organizational change, learning and innovation in knowledge work.  She has published in: Organizational Research Methods; Management Learning; The Learning Organization; Leadership and Organization Development Journal; Advances in Developing Human Resources; and The Grounded Theory Review. She is co-author, with Isabelle Walsh, of Classic Grounded Theory: Applications with Qualitative and Quantitative Data (Sage, 2017) and, with Isabelle Walsh and Gaetan Mourmant, of Conducting Classic Grounded Theory for Business and Management Students(Sage, 2020).