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Professors Executive DBA/François Pichault

François Pichault

François Pichault


François Pichault, doctor in sociology, is university professor at HEC-School of Management at the University of Liège (Belgium). He is also an Affiliate Professor in Human Resource Management at ESCP-Europe. He is the head of the LENTIC a center for research and specialized response in the study of human and organizational aspects of change processes and innovation at the University of Liège. From 2005 to 2012, he was Research Director at HEC-School of Management at the University of Liège. He is involved in various international cooperation projects in Africa, Eastern Europe, and Asia. He has written extensively about the theory of organizations and human resources management. His research areas are the changes and roles of the HR function, the relationship between HRM policies and business strategies, new organizational forms and their impacts on social dialogue, new forms of transition in the labor market, the question of culture in management practices (including institutions of higher education), the art of innovation management, change management in both public and private organizations.

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