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Professors Executive DBA/Florence Laval

Florence Laval


Florence Laval holds a Ph.D. in Management Sciences and is qualified to supervise research. She has been a lecturer at the Institute of Business Administration of Poitiers since 1994 as well as a researcher at CEREGE (Center for Research and Teaching in Environmental Geoscience). A specialist in Human Resources Management, she studies the role of the human resources function in organizations. Author of several books and articles on the subject, she conducts her research in close collaboration with companies and institutions in the framework of research contracts and collective projects: CEGOS, ALPHA group, DANAE, the e-management monitoring center at the University of Paris - Dauphine, ANVIE, DARES on the implementation of GPEC agreements in automobiles, Action Management and QVT of ARACT. She also contributes to the development of the academic community in management sciences through development programs such as the AGRH Thematic Working Group and AGRH-AIM Study Days. Very committed to academic life, she is now in charge of Continuing Education (Executive Education) and has been elected to several governance and management bodies within her institution (CFVU, Cac, Commission of Scientific Expertise, Selection Committee, VAE Commission, VAPP). Finally, her investment in the educational mission is further supported through initial and continuing education and distance learning for Bachelor and Master students.