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Professors Executive DBA/Christophe Everaere

Christophe Everaere



Christophe Everaere is a professor at the IAE Lyon. Director of the Graduate School for Science Economics and Management (aka ED SEG 486) at the University of Lyon, he also leads the IAE Lyon centre for teaching and research in human resources management and organization.

He teaches in the fields of flexibility management, ergonomics and working conditions, analysis of organizational and of management practices, and sociology of work and social sciences applied to business. His current research focuses on atypical forms of employment, of work and of organization in the context of flexicurity; on innovative practices in cooperation-and-autonomy-based organizations; and on management and HRM practices in specific sectors: IT service companies (SSII), socially-aware and solidarity-driven economy (SSE), participative innovation and territorial HRM.

He is the author of thirty articles in highly recognized journals, such as La revue des Sciences de Gestion [The Journal of Management Sciences], Gérer et comprendre [Managing and understanding] and the Revue Française de Gestion [French Management Review]. His latest book, Les emplois atypiques: Quelles réponses au besoin de flexicurité [Atypical employment:  What are answers to the need for flexicurity], published by Liaisons Sociales Editions in 2014, is among the books certified by the Collège de Labellisation [Board of Certification] of the FNEGE [National Foundation for the Teaching of Business Management].