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Professors Executive DBA/Christine PETR

Christine PETR


Université de Bretagne Sud


Christine Petr is Associate Professor in Management Sciences, specialized in Marketing and Consumer Behavior. She teaches at the University of Bretagne Sud where she is the pedagocical manager of the Licence 3 Marketing Vente. She is attached to the multi-sites and multi-establishments LEGO (Laboratoire d'Economie et de Gestion de l'Ouest) which she previously directed for the Vannes site. She supervises theses in marketing and she is the scientific leader of research projects related to the impact of digital transformation on use and representations of individuals. She regularly participates in European projects involving the link between innovative territories, smart cities and citizen and consumer perception. The leverage and side effects of digitization are the subject of her ongoing research as well as the creation and direction of a university degree on the Prevention of Human Digital Vulnerabilities, in view of the renewed stakes of data privacy protection and learning digital hygiene at the individual and organizational levels. Regarding tourism, topics linked to the potential of digitalization and mobile applications to increase tourism attractivity of destination, heritage and arts tourist consumption, and management of overtourism and tourismophobia are on her research stage.