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Professors Executive DBA/Chantal Fuhrer

Chantal Fuhrer

University of Reunion Island

Chantal Fuhrer is assistant professor with tenure at the University of Reunion Island (France), where she was awarded her PhD and HDR research supervisor certification in Management and Organisation Studies. Her areas of expertise include information systems, as well as the analysis of social networks. Her research in the field of information systems explores organisational and digital communications, as well as innovative methodologies, leading to work published in academic journals such as: Systèmes d’Information et Management (SIM), International Journal of Technology and Human Interaction (IJTHI), or Innovations. Chantal has supervised the work of doctoral candidates across the Indian Ocean area, including: Reunion Island, Mauritius, Rodrigues Island, Madagascar, the Comoro Islands, the Seychelles and South Africa. Prior to joining the academic world, she worked for 18 years in information systems departments as an IT specialist, IT applications manager, project manager and consultant mainly for banks, insurance companies, and government. Chantal’s knowledge and experience of the business world are naturally a source of inspiration for her research and teaching activities.