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Professors Executive DBA/Aurélie Dudezert

Aurélie Dudezert

Institute Mines Télécom BS

Aurélie Dudézert is university professor at the Institute Mines Télécom BS, and a member of the RITM Laboratory. Researcher in Information Management Systems, / Organizational Theory (Digital Humanities) she is a specialist in Knowledge Management (KM), in the digital transformation of organizations, and in the transformation of work practices related to Artificial Intelligence.

A graduate of Sciences-Po Bordeaux and Paris, she began her career as a KM project manager at Ernst & Young and then at TOTAL. Having earned a doctorate at the Ecole Centrale Paris in 2003, she taught and led a research team in this institution between 2004 and 2013. Deputy Director of the Doctoral School, she participated in the development of the University Paris Saclay. In 2013 she joined IAE Poitiers and the CEREGE Laboratory, where she directs, in particular, the preparation for the HDR program (a Research Supervision certification), a project that uses digital methods to transform pedagogical practice.

Since 2014 she has been in charge of the Digitizing and Organization Club of the ANVIE (a national association for the promotion of interdisciplinary research in the humanities and social science in relation to business), sponsored by BNP Paribas, la Française des Jeux (lottery company) and ORANGE. She teaches on Master’s, Doctorate and Executive Education programs and regularly speaks to business leaders at professional conferences.

She is the author of numerous articles and books, including: La transformation digitale des entreprises (La Découverte Editions, Collection Repères) and La transformation numérique des écoles de management, (FNEGE study) co-written with I. Boughzala.

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