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Post-DBA Programme

Post-DBA Programme

Purpose of the programme

The French Foundation for Management Education (FNEGE) and Business Science Institute both have recognised expertise in international DBA programme provision and exceptional networks of professors with a wide experience of publishing in peer-reviewed academic journals (FNEGE ranked) as well as professional journals and magazines. The purpose of the partnership between those two institutions is to give an answer to the emerging international demand of Doctors who want to take their work a step further and publish in academic journals. The aim of this joint initiative is also to make the impact of DBA programmes on managerial practices better known and to help DBA managers continue developing their thinking about business and management practice. This Post-DBA programme is unique in the international higher education landscape.

Using their thesis, previous research and collected data as a foundation, the aim of this one-year Post-DBA programme is to provide an opportunity for doctoral graduates to challenge and revisit their knowledge and understanding of key academic management topics. This updating process will take the form of writing an academic article. The students will be able to work on their research and subsequent article under the supervision of a university-affiliated professor for one year.

The Post-DBA qualification will be awarded to participants upon the submission of an academic article to a ranked journal.

The Faculty

The team of professors working with FNEGE and Business Science Institute on the programme have a wide and confirmed experience of publishing in international ranked journals (FNEGE ranked), and of sharing knowledge with fellow academics as well as practitioners. They currently are or have been: editors, members of scientific committees and review panels, or of prestigious journals in the field of business and management.

Programme Output

Advanced Certificate of Research supported by the IAE Bordeaux from University of Bordeaux, Business Science Institute and FNEGE.

Publishable Article

The Scientific Committee

Programme structure

4 one-day seminars in Paris at the FNEGE headquarters, 2 Avenue Hoche - 75008 Paris:

  • How to write an academic article
  • Finding the right references
  • Framing, checking and evaluation of existing data
  • Presenting outcomes

List of online webinars:

  • 1 seminar: Introduction and how to produce an article from a DBA thesis
  • 2 seminars: “Meet the editors”
  • 2 seminars: “New hot topics in Management “
  • 1 seminar: Completing and sending a paper to reviewers

Language of instruction: English

Publication languages: Depending on the author and the targeted journal.

Programme duration: 12 months

Programme philosophy: the DBA doctors attend seminars and benefit from one-to-one coaching with a professor.

Programme delivery:

  • Face to face in Paris, international week at the FNEGE headquarters, 2 Avenue Hoche,
    75008, PARIS, France, close to the Arc De Triomphe: 4 full days early January (Depending on COVID-19 health and safety regulations).
  • Online registered seminars and individual follow-up: 6 days online starting in
    February and subsequently once a month.

Selection process (online application only):

Post-DBA Programme Videos