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Executive DBA: Training Doctors in managerial practice, a successful wager

Executive DBA: Training Doctors in managerial practice, a successful wager

Business Science Institute (BSI), an international structure of higher education, has the purpose of developing the Executive DBA (Doctorate in Business Administration) at an international scale. A real network organization, the Business Science Institute’s Scientific Council has more than eighty professors authorized to supervise research, all hailing from leading universities and schools in Europe, West Africa, and North America. The first six Doctors in Managerial Practice graduated in October.

The BSI was created in response to an unmet demand for training. Managers holding an MBA or equivalent degree, have the ability to become creators of knowledge. Confronted with new complex situations requiring decision making on a daily basis, managers represent a real source of knowledge creation. It is from this observation that the BSI was born.

In this context, the scarce resource is the professor. Doctoral programs are extremely time-consuming in terms of faculty resources, mainly because of the individual monitoring of the doctoral students. On top of this is the difficulty in the selection of thesis topics: "The strength of Business Science Institute is its pragmatic approach. Under a DBA, a doctoral student comes with his thesis, from the ground, explains Michel Kalika, member of the BSI Scientific Council. The theses developed in the framework of the Business Science Institute are distinguished by their confrontation of a body of knowledge collected through personal experience as managers, and those they found in theories of management science.“

Far from training PhDs disconnected from the field and disengaged from the true issues faced by organizations, far from endorsing doctoral theses that are of no "use" to businesses and do not respond to their challenges, the Business Science Institute reconciles the academic and professional worlds.

The Executive DBA allows managers in business to develop a doctoral dissertation of high quality under the supervision of a University Professor, based BOTH on the existing research in the field and on their knowledge of managerial practices, without ever losing sight of the regulatory requirements mandated by a highly valued faculty. The Executive DBA builds a different type of knowledge and enables managers to conduct a thorough research, also enabling them to differentiate themselves in a market with an abundance of MBAs.

The DBA offers a pragmatic alternative to the university doctorate, more directly in tune with the issues faced by organizations today. In other words, a successful marriage of the best of both worlds...

Business Science Institute, in cooperation with IAE LYON, University Jean Moulin, will welcome new doctoral students in Luxembourg starting December 2015 and in Dakar, in partnership with the CESAG, in January 2016.


For information and registration: contact@business-science-institute.com