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The motivations of applicants for the Doctorate in Business Administration

The motivations of applicants for the Doctorate in Business Administration

Press Release - March 24th 2017

The Business Science Institute, which organizes an international DBA with more than 100 doctoral students, has summarized the motivations of managers applying to this doctoral program. Based on the qualitative analysis of admission interviews, two main motivators have appeared: the private and the professional.

In the private sphere, the candidates are looking for satisfaction in three areas: the pleasure of engaging in a process of reflection, the pride of obtaining the title of doctor, and finally the desire to have their work published.

Professionally, managers first seek to differentiate themselves in an environment where the MBA has become the norm. Others also see the DBA as an opportunity for professional development, especially in large international organizations. Finally, for those engaged in consulting, the DBA is a tool of legitimacy.

Motivations differ according to candidates’ profiles. For younger candidates, professional motivations dominate, while private considerations take precedence for senior managers.

The following table (translated from French) provides the managers’ quotes, illustrating what they are looking for in a DBA.

Book “Comment réussir son DBA ?” [How to succeed in your DBA?]

by Michel Kalika, published by EMS, 2017.

To find out more, visit the publisher’s website (in French), page 30.

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