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New Business Science Institute Campus in Dakar

New Business Science Institute Campus in Dakar

CEOs, engineers, computer engineers, comptrollers, and more, mostly from Dakar or Ivory Coast and 42 years old on average: these are the profiles of the first class of “students” at the newly opened Business Science Institute campus in Dakar.

These profiles attest to the accuracy of the Business Science Institute’s motivation/approach chart, a chart designed using experience from previous programs that identifies two types of motivation: personal and/or professional. Thesis topics are suggested during selection interviews, and deal with public administration, information systems governance, business performance, community-based businesses, and HR functions, as well as investments and financing. However, they are always written according to the writer’s personal management experience and to local context. These research topics will benefit businesses and managers alike.

The first seminar was held from January 23 to 25 and was led by professor Michel Kalika, Scientific Counselor of the Business Science Institute, and professor El Bachir Wade. This seminar dealt with the thesis writing process.

The second seminar, “Thematic Paradigm I”, is scheduled to be held from March 12-15 this year.
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