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The Business Science Institute Scientific Council

The Business Science Institute Scientific Council

Why does the Business Science Institute have more professors on its scientific council (nearly 70), than students (20)?

This may seem surprising at first, but there are actually two fairly simple reasons:

  • The first is that for an Executive Doctorate in Business Administration, strategic resources are first and foremost academic in nature; it’s the professor who supervises the student’s work and provides indispensable support to managers seeking to publish a thesis.

    That’s why the first step of the Business Science Institute’s Executive Doctorate in Business Administration project involved creating an international scientific council that brought together professors and doctors in management sciences from prestigious universities and Business Schools, all with experience in supervising research and with many publications to their name.

  • The second reason is that the managers applying for an Executive Doctorate in Business Administration usually come into the program with a specific research subject in mind, which relates to their competencies and professional experience. The Business Science Institute thus expects to work with a large range of competencies.

Many academic institutions only use a limited number of professors. The advantage of the Business Science Institute is that it has successfully creates a network of professors that transcends the boundaries of these institutions.

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