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Defense of professional theses: Wiltz, capital for a day of the Executive DBA

Defense of professional theses: Wiltz, capital for a day of the Executive DBA

WILTZ (Luxembourg) October 2015 - Business Science Institute is an international structure of higher education whose purpose of the development of the Executive DBA (Doctorate in Business Administration) at an international level. On Thursday, October 8th, six Executive Doctors were officially awarded their diplomas at the WILTZ CAMPUS, which became the international capital of the Executive DBA for a day. After the release of a collection of books published by Management and Society (EMS) targeting the managers and PhDs, during this day, the Business Science Institute gathered many doctorate-managers from Africa (Ivory Coast, Niger, Ghana, Tunisia, Mali, Senegal), Europe (Luxembourg, France, Belgium, Switzerland), and North America (Canada) as well as twenty instructors representing the more than 80 international members of its faculty.

Docteurs Executive DBA 2015

Six doctorate-managers form the first cohort. Their theses, the result of three years of work under the guidance of demanding thesis supervisors, deal with HR issues, information systems, strategic management... in the health sector, the public sector or in distribution. "As part of the DBA, the doctoral student comes WITH his/her thesis idea, from the field. We are convinced that managers, confronted on a daily basis with new and complex situations requiring decisions, are a true source of knowledge. Thus, the creation of knowledge, generally speaking, does not only emerge from an academic environment. The theses developed today in the context of the Business Science Institute are unique because they confront a body of knowledge created via personal experience to one found in the theories of management science.


For Bouacida Malik, a doctorate-manager, “the strength of Business Science Institute is in its pragmatic approach. The Executive DBA is fully in line with my career. I simultaneously address a problem taken directly from the field and pursue a research project directly applicable to the field, while respecting the academic requirement criteria of a thesis. Businesses in my sector or in other sectors are then free to adopt the solutions that I conceive. Isn’t the motto of the BSI to "turn your experience into knowledge ... and share it?"


Before the lecture held by Nicolas Buck, Vice-Chairman Fedil – Business Federation Luxembourg – on the topic of "entrepreneurship in the XXIst century", during which he discussed the importance of the development of entrepreneurship in Luxembourg, six Executive doctors defended their professional theses:


Business Science Institute, in partnership with IAE LYON, University Jean Moulin, will welcome new doctoral students in Luxembourg starting December 2015 and in Dakar, in partnership with the CESAG, in January 2016.


* With the participation of Professors Marie-José Avenier, Boubacar Baidari, Paul Beaulieu, Michelle Bergadàa, Jean-Pierre Boissin, Françoise Chevalier, Martin Cloutier, Marc Favier, Birahim Gueye, Jean-Pierre Helfer, Michel Kalika, Jean-Fabrice Lebraty, Sébastien Liarte, Alain-Charles Martinet, Jean Moscorola, Yvon Pesqueux, Anne Rousseau, Maurice Thévenet, Jacques Thevenot and Isabelle Walsh.


For all information and registration: contact@business-science-institute.com