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When we talk about the impact of research on our web site, the intention is to highlight two different categories of impact developed at Business Science Institute by our professors, participants and alumni. These two categories include the academic impact of research on the one hand, with the managerial and societal impact of research on the other.

The academic impact of research means the value generated for the academic community through publications in peer-reviewed academic conferences and journals.

The managerial & societal impact of research focuses on the real-world influence of research outcomes on business and management practice, and importantly its wider influence on Society. This is shared mainly though books, video broadcasts, and articles in professional journals, etc.

Impact is important for Business Science Institute because it is an integral element of our ‘raison d’être’ and our mission. We consider that a DBA programme composed of managers who prepare a thesis based on their own practice and experience with the support of academic experts, is a fabulous opportunity to generate knowledge that will benefit the business and management community.

This knowledge may be disseminated by our doctoral candidates, associate graduate researchers and professors via a range of outputs, including theses, books, articles, conferences, videos and much more.

To enable our graduates to promote the results of their DBA theses, in Spring 2021 Business Science Institute chose to create the Impact(s) journal to present work of particular interest in terms of business and management impact.