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Frequently Asked Questions/What is the value created by the Executive DBA for companies?

What is the value created by the Executive DBA for companies?

Contrary to popular belief, the Executive DBA is a source of considerable value creation for companies.  Indeed, during the 4 years of the programme, the manager conducts research which, in the majority of cases, deals with a subject that directly concerns their company.  The company therefore benefits from a true piece of conceptual development work carried out by a manager who benefits from input from high-level international teaching staff.  The managers enrolled on the programme are helped and encouraged to develop innovative ideas, tools and analytical frameworks that they do not always have the opportunity to develop on their own in their work environment.  What they accomplish is real action research comparable to a consultant's mission but benefiting from an additional conceptual dimension.

Moreover, the taught component of the programme, which takes place over five three-day weekends in the first year, is totally compatible with a professional activity.

For this reason, many managers enrolled on the Executive DBA are financed by their employer.

See the testimonials of our students for further insights.