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Frequently Asked Questions/Profiles of Executive DBA applicants

Profiles of Executive DBA applicants

Based on the selection interviews carried out in various countries, it is possible to draw up a mapping of applicant profile types.


Benefit of the
EDBA more…



The Company

Manager supported financially by their company/organisation working on a research topic where the results are potentially of interest to the company.
(Example 1).

Manager financing their own EDBA, wishing to reflect at a personal level on a professional issue and in the long term to differentiate themselves within their organisation.
(Example 2).

The Manager (Student)

Manager wishing to differentiate themselves on the employment market from similar MBA profiles by publishing an Executive DBA thesis.
(Example 3).

Managers wishing to take a step back from their personal experience, draw lessons from their managerial experience and publish the findings. (Example 4).

Example 1:

  • Manager of a major group in the energy sector that has had a spin-off policy for many years and wishes to analyse the key success factors for business start-ups.
  • Manager of an international pharmaceutical group whose subject is the analysis of the performance of mergers and acquisitions carried out by the group over the past decade.
  • Manager of an international distribution group working on the development of the company's internal culture in the face of a changing environment.

Example 2:

  • Civil servant in a central administration working on the impact of environmental taxation.
  • Consultant for a North American group in the health sector analysing the decision-making process in the selection of research projects.
  • Information systems manager looking into the key success factors for cloud computing.

Example 3:

  • Canadian financial sector executive working on financial regulation with the objective of 'standing out' in a professional environment where the MBA has become 'commonplace'.

Example 4:

  • Retired company director who, after a long and rewarding career, wishes to reflect on both his managerial experience and his personal development.
  • Professor in a Management School wishing to develop his research and publishing skills.