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Frequently Asked Questions/Motivations of Executive DBA applicants

Motivations of Executive DBA applicants

An Executive DBA applicant is generally driven by two kinds of motivation:

  1. A personal motivation. They want to take a step back from their professional practice and experience, to achieve both intellectual and personal fulfilment by accomplishing a high-level piece of doctoral level work with a view to it being published.
  2. A professional motivation. They want to use the Executive DBA as a way to stand out.  At a time when MBAs are becoming commonplace, particularly in the North American context, having an Executive DBA qualification enables you to stand out one's own company or organisation and more generally in the employment market. The Executive DBA can thus make an important contribution to the professional development of managers.

These two types of motivation are not incompatible and each individual applicant combines them according to their profile, career ambitions and professional situation. But in any case, these motivations must be strong because the Business Science Institute Executive DBA requires participants to make a significant time investment in reading, thinking and writing, as well as a financial investment.

The interviews carried out to select candidates for the Executive DBA show that there is a balance between personal and professional motivations, whereas in the MBA, only professional motivations dominate.