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Frequently Asked Questions/How can the Executive DBA thesis be completed in three years?

How can the Executive DBA thesis be completed in three years?

An important question was raised during an informational meeting for the Executive Doctorate in Business Administration (Executive DBA) in Geneva:

Why does the programme last for only three years instead of the four years necessary to complete a traditional thesis?

Professors M. Kalika and E. Josserand jointly responded to this question, saying that the Executive DBA thesis is anchored in the candidates’ experience in the field. This anchoring is therefore stronger than that found in candidates in traditional thesis programmes, which permits the research process to advance more quickly.

Effectively, within the framework of the Executive DBA at the Business Science Institute, the candidate arrives with his subject in hand, which relates to the managerial experiences  they have had for many years.

Moreover, the fact that the business executives who undertake an Executive DBA thesis have privileged access to data and to their terrain also accelerates the research process. Finally, the system of continual and monthly direction/monitoring implemented by the Business Science Institute enables managers to evolve in a heightened level of continuity.

Several business executives that are currently preparing their own Executive DBA theses with the Business Science Institute pointed out a variety of advantages for this training: the staff’s responsiveness – both on an administrative level and in regards to locating articles as well as the support from professors and the members of the scientific council, who together are both approachable and available to meet/chat with students.

Indeed, with its 70 internationally renowned faculty members, the Business Science Institute is an exceptional and impressive educational resource.

The intense pace of the seminars can quickly lead to the completion of one’s thesis. The contribution to companies that may benefit from the consulting expertise of top-level professors is also an undeniable generator of value.