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Frequently Asked Questions/The Business Science Institute Executive DBA: Blue Ocean or Red Ocean?

The Business Science Institute Executive DBA: Blue Ocean or Red Ocean?

According to Chan & Mauborgne [1] the Blue Ocean strategy involves creating a new strategic space rather than competing with existing direct competitors (Red Ocean).  This strategy combines the value and cost advantages present in the strategic compass.

It would be misleading to say that Business Science Institute had a deliberate strategy to create a Blue Ocean!

The initial idea was to respond to an unmet demand from managers wishing to undertake doctoral studies based on their experience and academic knowledge. The Business Science Institute's offer is innovative in terms of its flexibility, its grounding in managerial practices, the determination to have Executive Theses published and read, the quality and number of professors on the faculty team and its relatively affordable tuition fees. Furthermore, the Executive DBA thesis at Business Science Institute is totally different from the traditional academic thesis (PhD) and DBA thesis due to the emphasis placed on the creation of knowledge from practice and managerial recommendations.

We can therefore say that the strategy of Business Science Institute is close to the Blue Ocean model!

[1] Management stratégique, Helfer J-P., Kalika M., Orsoni J., Vuibert 2013, 9ème édition, p. 216.