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Frequently Asked Questions/Is the Business Science Institute an accredited institution?

Is the Business Science Institute an accredited institution?

To our knowledge, an accreditation appropriate for the Executive DBA does not currently exist.

Generally, programmes must complete at least 2-3 graduate classes in order to seek accreditation.

Those involved in the creation and management of the Business Science Institute have a profound respect for the international accreditation agencies, many of which they work with elsewhere. They know and praise the prominent role that these agencies have recently played in improving the quality of business schools. However, by definition, accreditation imposes a series of standards, and the Business Science Institute has chosen to break from such norms, permitting it to respond to needs that accredited institutions often cannot.

In contrast to an MBA, the essential value of an Executive DBA can be found in the reputation of the professor that supervises the candidate’s thesis, the quality of the Business Science Institute’s Scientific Council that validates this thesis, as well as the quality of the thesis itself, which should be published online and/or elsewhere.