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Executive DBA/The Thesis

The Thesis

  • A publishable written work.
  • An unpublished personal work of applied research that mobilizes the candidate's experience and his or her academic knowledge, and which makes innovative links between theory and managerial business practices
  • Presents an effective applications of the Executive DBAstudent's experiences.
  • Focuses on a theme related to management science and management.
  • Generally includes a traditional format, including an introduction, a literature review, and conceptual/theoretical section, a discussion of results, a conclusion, and a bibliography.
  • The format of the Executive DBA thesis is not pre-determined, and may take different forms, such as:
    • A 150-page Word document;
    • A publishable work relevant for practitioners;
    • A case and a pedagogical section publishable by organizations concerned with case distribution ("Centrale de Cas"),
    • An action-research monograph,
    • An article that can be published in an international management review and its annexes.
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