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Executive DBA/Testimonials


When we heard that our students were speaking of the programme in the highest esteem and with great enthusiasm, we asked them to officially share their thoughts and experiences.  Here are some of the many things they said!
Anke Middelmann - Online DBA (2018-21)


“For me, the Executive DBA is a bridge between the fields dominated by practitioners and academics. It also opens the doors of scientific research to professional services.”
Director of Human Resources, Distribution Sector, Switzerland.


Interview with Dr. Jens Hoellermann, 2020 Executive DBA Luxembourgish alumni and winner of the « 2020 Managerial Impact Prize » awarded by Business Science Institute - Read the interview with Dr. Jens Hoellermann
Managing partner of Intabulis SCSp (Luxembourg), a provider of independent directorships.


“Before my enrolment, I had a lot of questions and a number of doubts concerning the credibility of the programme, the seminars, etc. Once it began, however, I can tell you that those doubts disappeared very quickly. The quality of the seminars is incredibly high, and they enable you to explore your opinions and to develop your research subject. Moreover, despite my short time on the programme, I can already see a number of positive effects on my career.”
Senior Health Economist, Health Sector, USA.


“This high-quality programme fully met my expectations as a former manager and young researcher. I wanted to take a step back from my managerial practices and to apply a more academic framework to my thinking.  As a Business School professor, this programme offered me a fast-track in my development as a researcher. This programme’s innovative pedagogical approach offered me the opportunity to detail and challenge my ideas with renowned researchers. I strongly recommend the Business Science Institute Executive DBA to practising managers driven by the desire to learn, to understand and to share."
Professor HES, Teaching and Research, Switzerland.


“An excellent programme of the highest level that allows you to reconcile doctoral research and professional responsibilities, and is headed by eminent professors with international reputations in the management sciences. An adventure, a major challenge, an extraordinary accelerator of the knowledge and understanding of a manager's everyday role and responsibilities, as well as an asset to any company. In a nutshell, a huge success!”
Chief Financial Officer, Public Sector, Switzerland.


“With an intense desire for intellectual growth and personal accomplishment, I registered on the Business Science Institute Executive DBA after 27 years of professional life. Today, I feel highly motivated to develop my knowledge in the field of entrepreneurship and to enhance my experience by writing a quality piece of research supervised by one of the field’s eminent specialists.”
Project Director, Public Sector, Tunisia.


“I am part of the flagship Executive DBA programme in Tunisia. … I remain personally very satisfied with my choice, happy and encouraged to continue my programme with confidence and enthusiasm. … Business Science Institute is a step away from traditional programmes. Instead it guides us through an exceptional, valuable and high-level training. Thus far, our professors have been top of the line, talented, and grounded in a pragmatic, powerful system; they spare no effort.”
CEO, Tourism Sector, Tunisia.


"Ever since the first seminar, the Executive DBA has been a constant intellectual challenge. When I discovered the programme, I realised that it would give me the opportunity to explore and contribute knowledge to a subject that interests and excites me. I have also realised that as such, my thesis will be a powerful tool that will give me access to heightened expertise - and why not, perhaps even a second career - all with the support of exceptional professors."
Business Executive, Financial Services, USA.