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Executive DBA/Pedagogy of the Executive DBA

Pedagogy of the Executive DBA

The pedagogy of the Executive DBA at the Business Science Institute is based on four pillars:

The first year

1- A pedagogical kit with foundational methodological and thematic resources. These are available to each student and provide him/her access to personal library (See: Your pedagogical kit).

2- A pedagogical intranet, which is remotely accessible, details the following for each seminar:

  • The topics covered during the seminar;
  • Any preliminary readings;
  • Bibliography;
  • The seminar's Powerpoints.

3- Group seminars presented in person by international professors with experience in publishing books and articles, and in conducting research.

  • The managers enrolled in the Executive DBA program all hold an MBA degree (or the equivalent). Therefore, seminars concentrate on how to conduct research and translate it into high-quality written work, not on mastering the fundamentals of management (accounting, marketing, etc.), which students are expected to have already mastered.
  • The staff of each of the program's groupings is limited, provided for an interactive pedagogy in which exchange is privileged.
  • At each seminar, students must provide their professors with an update and reflection about their doctoral research progress, and will be required to give an oral presentation. Students' presence at seminars is obligatory.

The second year

4- Each student will receive monthly direction from the director of his or her Executive DBA thesis.