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Executive DBA/Supervision of Doctoral Students

Supervision of Doctoral Students

One of the characteristics of Business Science Institute is the academic support that is provided to our doctoral students.

Because our doctoral students are practising managers, located in more than 40 countries around the world, Business Science Institute has in its DNA the availability and responsiveness of the support team as well as a culture of academic support provided by the faculty.

Doctoral students submit monthly reports to their supervisors, who are available for regular meetings to support participants on their learning journey.

We have also developed a bespoke tracking system of doctoral students by the administrative support and pedagogical teams. This academic support is highly appreciated by our students and makes a significant contribution to the high completion rates at Business Science Institute.

The supervisor gives the student advice on

  • The choice of research topic,
  • The research methodology to be adopted,
  • The academic literature to read,
  • The characteristics and the format of the thesis that correspond best to the student's experience and situation,
  • The thesis plan.

The supervisor approves

  • The final choice of research topic,
  • The final choice of research methodology,
  • The format of the thesis adapted to the profile of the Executive DBA student and the research topic.

Please note that the supervisor does not

  • Write the thesis for the student,
  • Provide a proofreading or copy-editing service. Business Science Institute will provide students with a list of trusted service providers if so wished.