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Executive DBA/Campuses/Oman / Dubai

Oman / Dubai

Download the brochure for the Executive DBA in Oman / Dubai.

Cohorts Executive DBA Oman / Dubai

Preliminary list of Professors for the Executive DBA Oman / Dubai programme


To be paid directly to Business Science Institute by transfer:

12 000 €: before September 30, 2018
12 000 €: before September 30, 2019
6 000 €: before September 30, 2020

An additional 1 500 € per year is asked of doctoral students who need additional time to complete their DBA.


For more information, please contact us at contact@business-science-institute.com.

Apply Now for the Executive DBA Oman / Dubai

To start enrolling, please send your resume to cv@business-science-institute.com.

Your CV will be transferred to a member of the Scientific Council of the Business Science Institute.

You will be kept informed by e-mail throughout the process.