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Executive DBA/Campuses/Luxembourg/Executive DBA Luxembourg - Cohort 3 (2018-2021)

Executive DBA Luxembourg - Cohort 3 (2018-2021)

Preliminary schedule 

First year:

Seminar 1 : Introduction: September 26th-28th, 2018 during the Business Science Institute International Week
Seminar 2: Thematic paradigm I: TBD
Seminar 3: Thematic paradigm II: TBD
Seminar 4: Qualitative Methodology: TBD
Seminar 5: Quantitative Methodology: TBD


Second year:

Seminar 6: Thesis follow-up Seminar
Day 1: TBD
Day 2: TBD
Day 3: TBD


Third year: TBD