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Executive DBA/Campuses/Ho Chi Minh City

Executive DBA Ho Chi Minh City

The Executive Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) in Ho Chi Minh City

A joint Executive Education programme run in cooperation with iaelyon School of Management, University of Lyon 3, France.

In cooperation with iaelyon, Business Science Institute in Luxembourg offers a practice-oriented doctoral programme, a Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) tailored to the needs and busy schedules of top managers and their business organisations.

The Business Science Institute DBA is an international doctoral degree lasting 3-4 years that creates considerable business value and generates personal, professional and societal impact. Managers conduct applied research that focuses on their companies and specific issues of their own choice. This corresponds to the need for increasing links between managerial practice and research, managers and academics, business life and academia. Businesses thus benefit from research led by practising managers who develop invaluable academic appraoches and perspectives under the close supervision of an experienced and expert international member of faculty.

What is Business Science Institute?

Business Science Institute is an independent, international institution whose goal is to develop doctoral-level executive education worldwide. We promote the professional and personal development of managers and businesses through the mobilisation of international academic resources of the highest quality.

Our Mission: We make it possible for a diverse range of experienced managers from across the globe to access a doctoral degree programme taught and supervised by outstanding faculty for lasting personal and professional development and impact.

Our Vision: To be one of the main relevant international actors specialized in the specific field of DBA education, focusing on practice-oriented research & the creation of impact by new Doctors in Business Administration and a network of professors.

Business Science Institute was founded in 2013 with its headquarters are located in Luxembourg. We are an AMBA-accredited Institution offering Executive DBA programmes in 10 countries. At the beginning of 2021, 194 DBA students were enrolled at Business Science Institute representing 43 nationalities, with 80 DBA students having already graduated since 2015.

Why the Executive DBA?

Business Science Institute's DBA programme is flexible and specially designed for busy executives who wish to develop their academic thinking and apply it to their practice. A DBA is the ultimate academic degree in the field of Business Administration, with only a very small percentage of professionals ever achieving this level of success. Managers qualified to DBA level stand out on the global employment market and in their own organisation thanks to the high-level conceptual and critical-thinking skills they bring to their practice in comparison to colleagues qualified to Masters or MBA level.

Managers are increasingly turning their interest towards DBA programmes in contrast to the more traditional PhD, which is characterised by an exclusively academic and theoretical approach. The Business Science Institute Executive DBA is practice oriented, pragmatic and is specifically designed for managers who are seeking to boost their national or international senior management career through a doctoral degree.

Participants on this programme develop expert and high-level knowledge and skills in the field of business administration through practice-oriented research work. DBA graduates are thus an elite group, recognised as leaders inside and outside their organisation and can also teach in Business Schools throughout the world, whose accreditations require lecturers to hold a doctoral-level qualification.

The structure of Business Science Institute's DBA programme has been specifically designed to enable busy managers to pursue high-level academic studies whilst working in positions of resonsibility:

  • 5 taught components organised into 3-day modules mainly in Ho Chi Minh City during phase 1
  • Participation in the 4-day Annual International Week in Luxembourg at the end of phases 1 and 3
  • Supervised distance learning and supervisory seminars for writing the DBA thesis throughout the duration of the programme

DBA admissions and entry requirements

The DBA programme is open to executives with an MBA or an equivalent Master degree in Economics, Management, Engineering, Law, Sciences, etc… and at least 5 years of qualified professional experience. Professional activity is a mandatory admission requirement for the DBA programme.

Further details.

What qualifications will I be awarded?

Upon successful completion of the DBA programme you will be awarded 3 qualifications:

Phase 1 (Year 2). Upon successful completion of the taught components in Year 1 and the presentation of your research project during the International Week in Wiltz, Luxembourg in Year 2:

  • Certificate of Research in Business Administration from Business Science Institute

Phase 3 (Year 4). Upon successful completion of the programme and the defence of your thesis during the International Week in Wiltz, Luxembourg in Year 4:

  • Executive Doctorate of Business Administration from Business Science Institute accredited by AMBA and approved by the Ministry of Education, Luxembourg.
  • Doctorate of Business Administration from iaelyon School of Management - University of Lyon 3, France, accredited by the French Ministry of Higher Education, Innovation & Research.

Doctor of Business Administration is an internationally recognised academic title.

Specimen examples of diplomas awarded by Business Science Institute and iaelyon School of Management:

What individual support will I receive during the programme?

During the DBA programme, each doctoral student is assigned a research supervisor who is a senior academic at a renowned international university. Thanks to Business Science Institute's extensive international network of academic experts, participants are able to work with a professor offering cutting edge academic knowledge of their chosen research topic and a real interest in confronting this knowledge with the professional expertise provided by the student.

The thesis supervisor is chosen by mutual agreement of the doctoral student and the academic coordinator of the programme, mainly based their expertise in the student's chosen research topic. This decision can be made at the beginning of the programme or after six months at the latest. In this way, students are able to benefit from highly personalised supervision from a professor that has been hand-picked to best fit their context and project.

DBA Programme Content

In the first phase of the programme, you will benefit from 5 research methodology and thematic (HRM, Marketing, Finance, Management, Organisational Behaviour, Knowledge Management, Strategy, Information Systems, ...) modules organised into regular 3-day blocks delivered in Ho-Chi-Minh City generally during late afternoon or evenings from Thursday to Saturday. The aim of these modules is to provide participants with the skills and understanding required to successfully undertake management research at doctoral level and apply these skills to a business or management topic chosen as their research question. At the end of phase 1, students will also attend a 4-day Annual International Week in late September at our headquarters in Wiltz Castle, Luxembourg where they present the Certificate of Research in Business Administration.

Learn more about the Annual International Week.

During phases 2 and 3 of the programme, participants attend regular follow-up seminars where they present their research progress to the cohort and 2 academic experts. This offers students the opportunity to confront their develping knowledge and understanding of their research topic with practitioners from a variety of business and management fields, as well as receiving invaluable expert feedback from the academics running the seminar.

At the end of phase 3, students attend the Annual International Week durng which they will defend their thesis in front of a panel of international external examiners


DBA Programme Content Details.

Strengths of Business Science Institute DBA

  • AMBA accredited.
  • Ranked 4th best DBA worldwide, and 2nd best DBA for innovative pedagogy.
  • An internationally-renowned faculty of over 100 professors qualified to PhD level and accredited to supervise doctoral research, offering students access to a team of academics that is exceptional in its diversity, reputation, research publication track record and expertise.
  • A team of dedicated senior academic coordinators. Our team of coordinators play a vital role in Business Science Institute's academic leadership structure. As senior academics, they have a key responsibility for coordinating the teaching and supervision carried out by our faculty for the site or course they are in charge of. They also provide a line of direct communication for participants, thus making a positive contribution to the participant learning experience.
  • Present in 10 countries, with an academic community of 195 DBA student-managers representing 43 nationalities and already 80 theses successfully defended between 2015-2020.
  • Exceptional service quality through personal monthly thesis follow-up meetings between the doctoral student-managers and their supervisors, and through the responsiveness of the support team that responds to emails within 24 hours.
  • The only DBA programme in the world to have its very own book collection written by DBA doctors and professors (28 books published between 2015-2020)

Tuition Fees

Details of tuition fees

We recommend that applicants check if tuition fees are eligible for tax deduction in their country.

We also recommend that applicants contact their company to find out if they are eligible for financial support. Many companies in Europe and Asia fund their managers' education in order to prepare them for top management positions in their business organisation. This is especially the case when when student managers use data from their employers and when their research generates impact for the organisation.

Business Science Institute does not award scholarships, since its DBA programme already offers exceptional value for money compare to the global DBA market, where the the average tuition fees amount to $50,000 (up to $120,000).

How do I apply to the DBA programme?

To start the application procedure, please send your CV to cv@business-science-institute.com.

Your CV will be transferred to Business Science Institute's Scientific Advisor for initial screening.

Your CV should begin with a brief summary giving the following information:

Current profession (position, company, country)
Number of years of managerial experience
Highest and most recent qualifications

If your initial enquiry receives a favourable opinion, we will then invite you to proceed to Steps 2 and 3 of the application process.

You will be kept informed by e-mail throughout the process.

Who can I contact for any questions ?

Please contact our Programme Coordinators in Europe for general and administrative enquiries:

In Europe:

Ms Marie-Pierre Donvez
E-mail: mariepierre@business-science-institute.com
Phone: +33 (0) 662065541

Please contact the Academic Coordinator for programme content and pedagogical questions:

Prof. Dr. Lars Meyer-Waarden

E-mail: lars.meyer-waarden@tsm-education.fr

Videos of Pr. Lars Meyer-Waarden


For more information, please contact us at contact@business-science-institute.com.