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Executive DBA/Admissions/Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements

  • An MBA or Masters degree from a recognized academic institution,
  • 5 years’ managerial experience, or significant professional experience,
  • Clear evidence of a supportive professional and family environment,
  • A high degree of motivation and the demonstration of a clear understanding of what is required in terms of their learning commitment as a busy senior manager on an executive DBA programme,
  • A proposed research project that is worthwhile for the applicant, that is feasible and realistic, and that has demonstrable value (particularly in terms of potential managerial impact),
  • Applicants should also be able to demonstrate via their CV and/or at interview satisfactory English language communication skills for the track they are applying to study on (no formal test used – English language skills tested orally at interview). For the digital DBA, native-level skills will be required (ideally C1/C2). For the French-language tracks, students will be required to have at least B2 level English-language communication skills to be able to deal comfortably with the required reading.